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Help Fund Soncar llc Building New Food Pantries

Help Fund Socar llc 
This is important to me because when people need food pantries or food banks they are there.Programs like food pantries & food banks are there to help the families  get throw some very hard times. I am so grateful for programs like food pantries & food banks and the people who volunteer there they are so nice and kind and really help people  when they  needed it .I am now raising funds to build the next new food pantries & food banks its my way of paying it forward. Help us build the next food pantries& food bank. exists to solve the critical issues facing communities both large and small. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help communities facilitate change.

What we due

We examine what the communities needs are then we due outreach to local city state government agencies as well as local business & non-for profit organizations in that community raise funds to build whats needed in that community everything from food pantries,food banks,charter schools,mobile medical clinics etc.  

Strategic Planning Session

Benefits: Local food banks will also point their clients to community programs to help educate parents and children on proper nutrition. Fresh food recovery. Surplus food is an essential part of the food bank ecosystem., 

Client choice food pantries are strong where standardized food box/bag pantries are weak. Choosing their own food gives clients a sense of control rather than the helplessness of being told, in essence, that “this is what you get”; and since clients tend not to take food they won’t use, relatively little of a what a client-choice food pantry distributes goes to waste.


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